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What We Believe

We believe Heroes are everywhere we look, people we interact with or observe, or share time with on a daily basis. Heroes improve lives. Heroes impact who you are or who you will be. Anyone can be a hero. A friend, mentor, parent, grandparent, child, front line worker, role model, colleague, organ donor, employee, significant other, teacher, someone you have known for years or perhaps you have never met. We believe we can make them feel special or let them know that we appreciate them by sending a special thanks and acknowledgement.

We believe there should be a simple way show your appreciation for what they do or what they mean to you.


My elderly father had a medical emergency and was hospitalized at a distant hospital.  Due to the urgency of his illness, he was unable to pack or bring any essentials to the hospital. Due to the pandemic my mother was unable to enter the building to drop off essentials to him.  He mentioned to a doctor that he felt disconnected from his loved ones as his phone battery was dead without a charger and he really needed things from home during his recovery.  What happened next is remarkable. The physician asked my father for my mother’s phone number, proceeded to call her and arrange a time to meet in the parking lot with the things he needed. The physician then personally delivered the items to him. There are HEROES everywhere. Not only because he had a successful recovery, but because his doctor, went out of her way to provide my father the items that allowed for easier communication with his loved ones and also made him comfortable in his recovery.  

I wanted to thank her in a special way but could not find something that showed exactly how much I appreciated her kindness.  This is why Boxes for Heroes-Delivering Smiles was born.


Provide individuals, groups or businesses, a simple solution to send unique gifts and gift boxes for any occasion to everyday heroes and delivered them a special way.

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